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A Family Destination for Over 60 Years

Established in 1956, on over 12 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, Crestview Swim and Tennis Club has become the finest summer retreat for our member families to come together to enjoy the simple pleasures of summer.

Crestview is a private club with approximately 240 families, located on Maple Street in New Providence. It is a great family oriented club, with many fun activities scheduled throughout the summer.

With our 25 meter pool with a fun slide and diving area, kiddie pool, playground, beautifully maintained tennis courts, and shady family picnic area, Crestview is the perfect family destination.

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What Members Are Saying About Crestview

“My family has enjoyed Crestview for 6 yrs.  When we first joined my children were 4 and 7 years old. Crestview offered such a relaxed and open atmosphere that is was easy to sit poolside & keep an eye on my children. If they ventured off to other parts of the club with friends, I knew they were always safe. From the great programs offered by the club, my children learned how to swim & play tennis and are still active members in both sports.

Now 6 years later my children are old enough to be at the club by themselves and enjoy going over more each year.  They go over daily to enjoy swimming, tennis, using the basketball court, volleyball court and endless games they play in the abundant amount of space that is available at Crestview. We also spend many evenings in the picnic area barbecuing with friends.  My family loves the summers we spend at Crestview and these will be the great memories that we talk about for years to come.”

Mary Tselepsis

New Providence

“We originally joined Crestview because it was close to our house and we knew a few members from the neighbourhood.  But we’ve actually remained members because of the laid back atmosphere, the kids can be independent and always have someone to hang with, and invariably there’s someone looking for a pick-up game of tennis.  If you’re looking for a stuffy country club atmosphere, Crestview is definitely not for you. However, if you’re looking for a relaxed environment where you and your kids can have a quick dip on a hot day and socialize a bit with friends & neighbors – you can’t beat it.”

Jon Gieselman


“I have been a member of Crestview Club since I was a youngster.   The facilities and atmosphere make the club an oasis from today’s daily life.  I commend the staff and many volunteers over the years who have made Crestview Club truly a ” one of a kind place”

Bob Davies


“We have been members for 12 years.  Our kids have learned to swim, play tennis and have enjoyed spending time with their friends at the pool each summer. The picnic area becomes our night time entertainment – we grill, meet up with friends and make new friends, while the kids swim, play volleyball or whiffle ball. It’s simple and fun, we look forward to our summer days and nights at the Club!!”

Sherri Simko


“When we moved into our house we did not know Crestview was in our back yard – what a Treasure to find. The kids grew up participating in the swimming, tennis and diving programs. Currently I swim laps every day which I anticipate all winter, and the staff makes my visits to the pool a joy.”

Michael Karr

New Providence

“Crestview Club has become such an important part of our family’s summer plans.   We have been members for over 10 years. We use it for swim lessons and team, tennis lessons, family and neighbourhood cookouts, entertaining guests and just for hanging out. There are always kids there for my children to play with and it is such a beautiful and pleasant spot to get out of the house and relax on a summer day.”

Scott and Diana Sajer


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